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How are your nights in Aarhus?

Do you have an image, a short video, a text or reflections about your nights in Aarhus? Then share them via the form below!

It could be from an ordinary evening, a special memory or from tonight.
Both positive, negative and neutral expressions are welcome.

No matter what you choose to share with us about your night(s) in Aarhus, we look forward to receiving your submission and to upload it to the website.

You choose if your submission should be anonymous, include your first name, or your entire name. You can also add instructions regarding this in the description box.

Yours and others contributions will be uploaded in our website Gallery.

Why Muslim experiences?

In Denmark to be Muslim is often talked about as an all encompassing, defining characteristic that makes someone different or unusual. This has lead some to form a one sided, generalizing and negative perception of what it means to be Muslim. When we share our individual, personal experiences with one another, it contributes to a more realistic and nuanced perception of who each one of us are. What you share here is therefore primarily an insight into your Aarhus at night, and does not need to be directly related to or comment on the fact that you are Muslim.

Who can contribute?

Anyone who lives in Aarhus and identifies as a young Muslim above the age of 15. can share their experiences here. There is no universal age at which point people are no longer young. Whether you fall in this category depends on your self perception.

Which files can I share?

Files submitted via the form below cannot exceed 25 mb. If you attempt to upload a larger file, you will receive an error message.
If you have larger files that you would like to share, you can upload them online and send us a link to the file via our contact form.

Pictures: When you send in pictures you decide whether or not to include an image description and a name for us to publish alongside the image

VIDEO: We would be thrilled to receive a short video. 25 mb videos filmed using your cellphone are usually no longer than approximately 10 seconds.

TEXT: When you share a text document we copy and publish the text with its original layout. WeNår du deler et tekst dokument, kopierer vi teksten ind i et blogpost. Vi bevarer tekstens layout, sådan som vi modtager det. Hvis du har håndskrevet din tekst, kan du sende teksten i billeder, og den vil blive uploadet som billedformat.

Which files can you not share?

We do not upload images or video clips with sexually explicit content.

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